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Congratulations to Beckman Biology Olympiad for winning at the 2021 IMDO! Check out our results here!


Next meeting: Thursday, 1028/2021 during lunch, room 302

Congratulations to the 2021 International Medicine Olympiad winners from Beckman Biology Olympiad:
Individual medalists: LeAnn Tai (Gold), Devon Chang (Silver), Anh-Thai Le (Bronze)

The 2022 Biology Battle is planned to be held during Spring 2022! (Learn more)

Check out the 2021 Biology Battle Results here!
Check out the 2021 Biology Challenge Winners here!

About Beckman Biology Olympiad



Not only do we read and learn about biology from comprehensive books, experienced mentors, and your own classmates, we play games to engage learning in a fun way.



Use your knowledge to compete in national and international competitions to build experience and work towards accomplishments. 


Perform and conduct fascinating experiments to dig deeper into biology. We will have fun and informational activities such as labs and demonstrations that'll help you learn while still having fun!


Inspire classmates and peers with what you learned about biology and lead them to success. Teach your friends what you learned to improve together. 

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